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Air Conditioning Services - Longview & Tyler Area AC Contractors

Air Conditioning Installation

Longview AC installation

Our air conditioning experts are well versed in all types of air conditioners and cooling systems to help you pick and choose the best air conditioning that fits your household needs. A/C Contractors, Inc. offers high efficiency Longview air conditioning systems that can help reduce your monthly electric bills and improve the comfort in your home. An air conditioner system replacement is a big investment to your home, and you need someone who can get the job done right the first time. Learn More

Air Conditioning Repairs

Longview AC installation

Our professional Longview air conditioning repair contractors are trained and qualified to perform a thorough assessment which can include a refrigerant check, a test for leaks, tightness of belts, motor issues, and any other possible issues that your air conditioner may be experiencing. If your Longview air conditioning unit is beyond repair, our heating and cooling experts can provide you with a variety of options for a budget-friendly, energy efficient new air conditioning system. Learn More

Air Conditioning Tune Up

Longview AC installation

Just like you would service your car, your air conditioning system needs just as much. By having your cooling system regularly maintained, it will keep your air conditioner running longer with higher efficiency and fewer break downs. A common misconception among homeowners is that servicing your air conditioner or cooling system is simply changing a filter every few months. This will lead to a dirty and under-maintained cooling system. There is nothing worse than your air conditioner breaking down at the hottest part of summer. Learn More

Emergency AC Service

Longview AC installation

When your air conditioner goes out in the blazing hot summer, our Longview air conditioning contractors are there. Our Longview air conditioning repair specialist can diagnose the problem with any type of cooling system available, fix the problem quickly so that your heating and cooling system is back up and running. Our air conditioning technicians come with years of experience and are truly professionals in their trade. Learn More

If you are looking for an air conditioning services in Longview and Tyler areas then please call 903-759-4250 (Longview) | 903-581-9537 (Tyler) | 800-287-0715 (Toll Free) or complete our online request form.

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