Club Membership

Member Benefits

Here’s a saving opportunity exclusively for our Service Club Membership

Below are offers from our trusted Red Carpet Partners. If you need any of the listed home services, just call the phone # provided or drop by their location and mention your A/C Contractors Service Membership. Have your card with you to show at the store or be ready when they come to your home.

There’s no extra charge for your membership, just think of it as a bonus or lagniappe (a little something extra). We’re always looking for ways to serve you better.

  • Dependable Lawn Care Jerry Williams 903-424-8675
    15% off on Lawn Care
  • Richard Holt Plumbing Richard Holt 903-663-4272
    10% Discount on Plumbing Service
  • AP Rentals 823 W Marshall Ave, Longview 903-236-4311
    10% off Rental Fees
  • Brightway Window Cleaning Longview Paula 903-759-6182
    10% Discount on window cleaning
  • Executive Carpet Cleaners Call Patrick at 903-918-0599
    10% off Home Carpet Cleaning
  • John Finney Electrical 903-790-0446
    10% off Home Electric Repairs
  • Fireplaces & Stuff 3836 Gilmer Rd 903-295-3900
    10% off Chimney Cleaning & inspection
    5% off Fireplaces & Fireplace Accessories
  • Tom Hicks Painting Longview 903-399-4329
    10% off Home Painting Services
  • Hometech Company Roger Daniels 903-297-8324
    10% off Home Repairs / Home Handyman
  • J & J Plumbing Longview 903-297-4443
    10% off Rental Fees
  • Paint, etc. 3257 Gilmer Rd Warren Locke 903-295-0100
    15% Discount on all paint products.
  • Stoneworks Judson Rd Longview Jason Stone 903-663-3344
    10% off Home Floor Covering
  • Top Notch Roofing Dos Rossouw 903-452-5273
    10% Discount on Roofing Repairs
  • The Floor Team – Floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning
    Contact David Delorme at 903-663-4620
    for 25% discount on floor cleaning services